Euphorbia polychroma

Euphorbia polychroma Bonfire. Plant in Sun. (at least 6 hrs of sun). Space 18-24" (46-61cm) apart. Grows 10" (25cm) tall by 18" (46cm) wide.

Синтипы: «Greece, in rocky place of southern side of Mt. Athos, above the church ... (например, Budapest II, in silva caedua sub monte “Kecske-hegy”, ...

Pinke G., Molnar S., Garamvölgyi V., Barina Z. 2012. The first occurrence of Euphorbia davidii in Hungary. Nöwenyvedelem. 48 (3): 117–120.

Radical Scavenging (FRS) activity of ethyl acetate extract from the mixture of P. niruri, E. hirta, and Loranthus sp. The FRS activity.

2017 menunjukkan bahwa evaluasi terapi pada pasien hepatitis B penggunaan terapi ... A. and Setiawan, P. B. (2012) Konsensus Nasional Penatalaksanaan.

E. poisonii Pax. and E. unispina N.E.12 NOESY data confirmed the ... 15 R. K Baslas, and N.C. Gupta, Herba Hungarica, 1983, 22, 35–38.

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